Many Facebook Pages Are Overkill

There are more than 15 million Facebook Pages, which reflects how many companies believe their use is a great way to access the more than 700 million users around the world.

One of the realities of Facebook Pages is they are easy to create, which means many companies launch Facebook Pages even if they have no strategic or tactical plans on how to effectively use them.

As a result, many Facebook Pages exist but, for all intents and purposes, they are going through the motions as opposed to being dynamic and engaging ways to attract and build relationships with new and potential customers.

The evidence of this tepid approach are Facebook Pages that sadly sport a small number of “Likes” and content that simply consists of updates about new blog posts or tweets and, perhaps, an occasional photo.

It raises the question about whether many of these Facebook Pages are necessary. While it’s difficult to resist the temptation of not having a Facebook Page, it doesn’t make sense to have one if it is not being used effectively.

As much as anyone wants to concede a Facebook Page isn’t their cup of tea, it may make complete sense to invest the time, effort and resources on other social media services such as Twitter or a blog, or perhaps other marketing and sales activities.

The creation of Facebook Pages that probably shouldn’t exist reflects the bandwagon-jumping nature of social media. When everyone else is doing it, it can be difficult to go against the grain.

But should be more important to more companies is not using social media because it’s trendy but deciding whether it is relevant and makes sense as a way to support their communications, sales and marketing activities.

The bottom line is that unless a company is committed to doing a good job with a Facebook Page – creating content, engaging with users, etc. – it doesn’t make sense to have Facebook Page.

4 Comments on “Many Facebook Pages Are Overkill”

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  2. It just reinforces the power of Facebook and reiterates the requirement for brands to better promote themselves. Facebook now has as much, if not more, static as traditional media and web 1.0. Add value for those who visit online and you can still get the Likes. Waste everyone’s time and your dollars are better spent elsewhere.

  3. When it comes to creating valuable Social Media engagement, a company needs to look at their customer’s and prospective consumer’s time as a limited currency. Much like understanding the value proposition of your product to your customer, you must have a clear understanding of the real value proposition you are extending with your social media efforts. If it’s fluff and lacks substance not worth the time, you could be doing your brand and product a dis-service.

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