How Would Social Media Have Affected 9/11?

What would 9/11 have been like if social media was as prevalent in 2001 as it is today?

It’s an interesting question, and one that could yield many answers. As we have seen with so many important events over the past five to seven years, social media has played a vital, paradigm-shifting role.

Many were surprised when the last FIFA World Cup didn’t overload Twitter but most people can agree 9/11 would have had the most potential to break the service (and others) in a substantial way.

The amount of tweets, status updates, content creation and blogging throughout the digital world would have been unlike anything we’ve seen to this point.

As noted by in a previous post, it is amazing to see people have not forgotten 9/11, and that social media is now the outlet for reflection and communication about the event. Even before the 10th anniversary, 9/11 and its satellite subjects were discussed daily throughout all of social and online traditional media.

Social media has been a game changer for almost a decade. It changed the way we communicate, connect and share – three lasting tenets of 9/11. It has become a means to heal (see the recent airplane crash in Russia and the Norway terrorist attack) and a way for people to connect over the same experience.

Even though social media is a forum that lends itself to communal healing, it is content curation and dissemination where social media would have made the biggest impact. The stories, opinions and photos would have flown with more frequency than they did in 2001.

It is fair to say social media would have played a major role in the 9/11 aftermath. Imagine the increase in the number of photos and stories that would have been published. Even without social media, the number was staggering.

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  1. This is just my opinion, but one point you make is very scary and in essence I don’t feel as if this blog needed to be written.

    Do we really need to see more? Would you want to? Really? Do you really really want to see a tweet full of desperation from a poor soul who had to chose between plummeting to his death or being burned alive? Does the family of that man need to relive that at all?

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