USA’s Psych Does Social Media Right

It may not be the most popular show on the top network, but USA Network’s Psych is reeling in a whole new legion of fans based on their latest social media campaign.

The under-the-radar show has launched an innovative social media game. It is a great example of using popular social media services to not only connect with your audience but to make them feel as if they are part of the experience.

The game is engrossing, interactive and unique and has helped cement Psych as a TV show that will do what it takes to survive.

It uses the elements of social media and combines it with the theme and fun of the buddy comedy mystery about a rookie detective who cons the police force into thinking he has psychic abilities.

The online game is called #Hastag Killer, and over the next seven weeks you can help the two main characters catch a killer through video (featuring the characters from the show), puzzles and games – all created through Facebook’s Open Graph API.

Psych recognized its bread and butter (over two million Facebook fans), and is a great example of a smaller product in a big field using social media to attract attention. Supporting all of this is a micro-site,, to provide context and even more interactivity. Don’t forget Psych was also one of the first TV shows to have an app created specifically for its fan base.

This might be the first time many of you are hearing about Psych but if they keep leveraging the power of social media, it will not be the last. They understand their audience and the medium, and will soon be the shining example of how to lead the way.

Do not be surprised if a popular show like “Two and a Half Men” eventually releases a social media dating game based on Psych’s success.