Time to Climb on the Social Media Express

If you believe in the adage “Numbers don’t lie”, then it would be fair to say that sooner or later everyone is going to be on the social media express.

According to a study by Experian Simmons, 91% of online U.S. adults visit a social networking service (social or professional networking sites, photo or video sharing sites, online forums or message boards, social tagging or bookmarking) in the past month. In terms of numbers, that’s 129 million people, or 41.3% of the total population.

That is certainly impressive but what is even more interesting, although not terribly surprising, is that 98% of online 18-to 24 year-olds use social networks each month.

And if you thought social network were just for younger people, consider this: the number of online people over the age of 65-years-old using social networks has jumped to 73% from 49% in the past two years.

So what does this mean for brands, organizations and digital marketers? If you haven’t already embraced social media, it would probably be a good idea to do so quickly. It has become obvious that social media not only not a fad but it has gone from new and interesting to mainstream in about five years, which is astounding.


Another interesting part of the Experian Simmons study was a look at where people go after visiting social networking or forum-categorized service. Other social network and forum sites topped the list (19%), followed by search engines (16%), multi-media (9%), shopping and classifieds (7%), email services (6%) and games (5%).


Some other interesting facts from the study include that:

– 46% of all online adults use social media to communicate with friends, up from 32% in 2009.
– 27% say they use social media to stay in touch with their siblings, up from 15% in 2009.
– 18% use social media to stay in touch with their children, up from just 6% of online adults in 2009
– 14% of adult children use social media to communicate with their parents, up from 5% in 2009.




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  1. Mark, thank you for sharing the results of the study. Indeed, numbers don’t lie and the graphs make a lot of sense. Going to download the report for the details. Thanks again for sharing!

    1. Alex,

      Glad you found the post a good resource. The report has some good material and food for thought. Mark

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