Should We Be Meek about Keek?

Sorry about the bad play on words in the title but Keek seems to be a social media forum that people are paying a bit more attention to, whether we should be or not.

What’s their deal, you ask? Well, Canadian startup Keek is hoping that micro video blogging will be the next big thing in social media.

Keek is targeted towards the under-30 crowd (maybe even under-20 by the looks of it), and all it asks is you turn on your webcam, and film and upload short video blogs. Apparently, it’s a service banking on short attention spans equaling social media paydirt.

Personally, I was intrigued enough to check out Keek after hearing about it. That said, my initial thoughts were based on not having many fond memories about other video blogging platforms that didn’t resonate with audiences.

Overall, Keek’s layout is clean and the service is easy but I found the appeal ends there.

Video content needs to be dynamic, interesting and engaging but what Keek does is make even a 36-second video mundane and rather vanilla. Keek will only go as far as the users and uploads take them, which right now that doesn’t seem so far. There are better ways in social media to spend 36 seconds.

The micro element isn’t the only similarity to Twitter as Keek is trying heavily to lure in stars and celebrities into their community. They even display the name on the top of the homepage as a means of enticement. After watching the ticker for close to 10 minutes, Keenan Cahill and the Canadian Football League are the biggest names that were displayed.

The video status update could take off but my guess is more people will flock to a more substantial and easy way to get updates. Of course, these already exist in the form of Facebook and Twitter (and to a lesser extent Google+), and users will also seek more substantial video content.

One Comment on “Should We Be Meek about Keek?”

  1. I usually agree with you here on the blog, Mark, but I don’t know about this one.
    I know some of the people over at Keek and I actually like their network.
    I may not use it properly, but I like it for how I use it. Rather than looking at it like it’s own network I use it as a compliment to other networks. Through Keek I’m able to upload my 36 second videos to places like Twitter, which is really valuable for me. I was never able to find a good service where I could share quick videos with my Twitter followers until I started using Keek. Just as pictures have added value to my Twitter stream so my followers can see things I’m looking at and want to share, I now also have the ability to share videos with them.

    A little disagreement never hurt anyone.


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