Is Facebook Killing Corporate Web Sites?

As more companies drive consumers to their Facebook Page, does it mean the corporate Website is going to fade into the background?

As Facebook continues to evolve its services, the need for corporate Web sites may start to shrink. Unless you have an e-commerce element to your Web site, Facebook can meet most of a user’s needs.

Clearly our love and adoption of social media has started to impact the need to communicate with companies and brands on their Web sites.

This has unfolded as Facebook has given brands the opportunity to create pages that have more bells and whistles. The customized tabs mimic a Web site, and let information, contests and multimedia content to easily exist.

The logic is simple: why would a Web user leave Facebook to travel elsewhere? They are voluntarily choosing to spend so much of their time logged in to and engaging on Facebook. Brands need to migrate more of their Web activity and communication tactics to social media, rather than try to trump it.

As well, brands that do not rely on e-commerce may want to look at investing more in their Facebook strategies. This is not to suggest companies should stop running their Web sites but it time to realize they have to put more money and time into managing fan pages, and connecting with their audiences on Facebook.

Corporate  Web sites will not be the “radio killed by the video start”, but the reality about social media is you need to anticipate trends. Your audience is telling you where they want to be and how they want to be communicated with. It’s time to listen.