What’s the Big Deal about Promoted Tweets?

In using Twitter, I flip back and forth between Hootsuite and Tweetdeck. One of the things that I have noticed recently with HootSuite is the number of promoted tweets appearing in my live stream.

It has been a controversial topics because, for some reasons, many people see their live stream as pure and sacrosanct. The idea of a promoted tweet “tainting” their live stream is quickly brushed aside as “not happening”.

On the other hand, promoted tweets shouldn’t be see as a threat as long as they are somewhat relevant, not spammy and not that frequent.

People think nothing of the AdSense boxes that appear above and beside their Google search results, so why the lack of interest or enthusiasm about promoted tweets?

For Twitter, promoted tweets are low-hanging fruit if the company is serious about completing the transformation from wildly successful project to business. It is the kind of advertising that makes sense because it’s part of the online landscape.

To generate revenue to grow the business and justify the $800-million of venture capital that’s been pumped into the company, Twitter has grin and bear it when it comes to people who don’t like the idea of promoted tweets. It may be a necessary evil but pretty soon most people will start to accept promoted tweets as simply part of the Twitter experience.

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