What are the Best Social Media Campaigns Ever?

Now that we’ve had five or six years of interesting social media campaigns, it is time to ask the question, which are the best and, as important, which ones may have viral capabilities years from now?

First, let’s set some parameters. A great social media campaign has to be interesting, memorable, creative and it is always best if someone asks, “Has this been done before?”.

Right off the bat, Old Spice and Burger King are two brands who have carved out special status when it comes to creativity, reach and sometimes even a bit of harmless controversy.

Old Spice had the luxury of a popular spokesperson, but they didn’t rest on those laurels. They created an interactive social media campaign in which users and fans could ask questions through Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The answers poured in and were quickly answered much to everyone’s delight.

For Burger King, their Whopper Sacrifice campaign is still described as brilliant, edgy, different and controversial. Essentially, you defriended someone on Facebook in exchange for a Whopper. Facebook quickly shut it down but that only added to its allure. There have been so many great social media campaigns, including Blendtec’s “Will it Blend?”.

And don’t forget one of the early landmark campaigns was The Blair Witch Project. The filmmakers used a well-researched and academic looking website, along with video and word-of-mouth to turn a small film with no budget a huge mainstream success.

In the end, it is up to organizations to think outside of the box. They must create exciting content and campaigns, that will further connect with users.

To help in the process ask yourself, what are your favourite social media campaigns and why did they resonate so much?

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