The Super Bowl Commands Social Media

In light of the 2012 London Olympics and the limitations placed by the game’s organizers on social media activity, the upcoming Super Bowl is showing the world how it should be done.

The Super Bowl will not only embrace social media, a “command centre” to provide an enhanced experience to fans.

The command centre will consists 16 employees and 30 volunteers who will coordinate the information from @superbowl2012, and also use Twitter as a content engine for Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and their blog.

From open parking spots to local restaurants and fun tidbits during the game, the NFL is really leveraging social media.

They’re thinking so outside of the digital box that if this doesn’t become the standard for big events, I will be disappointed.

The reason the NFL’s approach seems so ingenious is it is focused on the fans, mostly fans traveling from out of town. To care enough to deliver a wealth of information about what’s going on outside of what’s happening in the game should resonate with most fans.

At the end of the day, Eli Manning vs. Tom Brady, Victor Cruz vs. Ochocinco and other storylines will dominate. With an event that is so globally beloved, the social media activity will naturally be over the top.

It is vital the NFL upped its game digitally but the credit should still be given to the media company leading the charge, especially since the detractors and naysayers for the London Olympics have been many.

The big test will also come when The Academy Awards happens in a few weeks. What mark on social media will they leave from their global telecast?

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  1. I applaud the NFL for its use of social media during the Super Bowl. I hope that fans don’t pay more attention to Tweeting and posting to Facebook, Tumblr and who knows what else than to the game itself. I attend conferences where I am in the audience and everyone is practically ignoring the speaker while they tweet, text and answer emails. Come on folks. Let’s just watch the game!

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