Are Twitter’s Censorship Policies Unacceptable?

Over the past few weeks, the social media universe has been talking about Twitter’s new filtering initiatives. Twitter recently unveiled it can now filter tweets according to regional legislation. Did you just boil over with anger?

In France, for example, any tweet containing the word “nazi”, can be censored since France legislates against any pro-nazi sentiment. Of course, the tweet itself can also be anti or neutral and still be filtered.

This endeavour could have a negative affect on Twitter, and it is interesting with taken in relations to the recent controversy over SOPA and PIPA. It seems 2012 might be defined by the resistance to any kind of social media censorship or online tampering.

Some are calling Twitter’s new approach a bold step and others are referring to it as a monstrosity, but no one can deny its significance. It is an evolution in the technology we’ve fallen in love with.

Twitter naturally has to continue to develop to keep pace. The ability to meet the needs of different parts of the world only makes sense. The technology might be in the crude stage, and this is the issue.

Twitter needs to ensure it doesn’t censor or filter (I include both words since it seems to be referred to as both) based on keywords and overall sentiment. This is trickier but could be the defining factor that could end the controversy.

Ultimately, the anger should die down but Twitter has to tread carefully when it makes such bold moves. They need to refine their approach to launching such initiatives and continue to create exciting additions to their wonderful platform.

More: It is interesting see Brazil’s attorney general has filed a preliminary injunction to suspend and block the Twitter profiles of users who tweet about where speed traps, DUI checkpoints, and radar spots are located.

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