Interest in Pinterest Keeps Rising

If you don’t know all about Pinterest by now, you probably haven’t been on the internet in the past two months. The visual based content curation platform has been the social media darling that people love to use and talk about so far in 2012. During Social Media Week I couldn’t go a day without hearing it brought up at least three times. We’ve even talked about it several times on this blog.

Using Sysomos MAP, our social media monitoring and analytics software, I decided to take a look at just how much Pinterest was being talked about and linked to so far thais year. I searched for people mentioning “Pinterest” or sharing links to anything under the “” URL through social channels since January 1st. In that time I was able to find 188,640 blog posts, 14,565 online news articles, 106,505 forum postings and 1,855,947 tweets containing either term.

When I trended those numbers out over time, we can see that since the beginning of the year Pinterest’s popularity just keeps rising and rising. It seems like mentions on forums have started to go down a bit, but blogs and Twitter mentions continue to rise. I suspect that Twitter mentions keep rising as more and more people get on Pinterest and start sharing what they’re pinning there.

Now, some people have dubbed Pinterest a social network that only appeals to women. I looked into some demographic information about who’s mentioning Pinterest and found that women did outweigh men. Over on Twitter, I found that women mentioned Pinterest or shared a link 59% of the time while males did the other 41%.

Over in blogs the gender gap was even more noticeable. Here I found that females were blogging about Pinterest 72% of the time while men only made up 28% of the blog conversation. Even more interesting was the age of these people blogging about Pinterest. While social media is thought to be mostly used by younger generations I found that the largest age bracket blogging about Pinterest were those between the ages of 36-50 (32.8%).

I then looked into where all of these mentions were coming from. Looking at all the social channels combined I found that most of this interest in Pinterest was coming from the United States with a whopping 69.5% of the conversation. The next three countries mentioning Pinterest the most was the UK (5.1%), Canada (3.8%) and China (2.4%).

Lastly, I pulled up a buzzgraph to see what all the conversation around Pinterest was about. The conversation seems to focus around the main activity of Pinterest, which is “pinning” or “repinning” items to a “pinboard” or “boards.” As well, we can see general iterations on those actions like “pin,” pins” and “pinned.” What’s interesting is that the two words outside of variations of pinning that have the strongest connections are “inspired” and “recipe” as I have heard many times that two of the most common types of pinboards people create are for sharing things that inspire them and recipes.

What’s your take on Pinterest? Does it deserve all of this hype? Will the hype continue to grow? Or will it fade into the background soon just like Quora which was super hot this time last lat year?