Can’t Get To SXSWi? Be There Via Proxy(bot)

Tomorrow kicks off South by South West Interactive (or SXSWi as the kids are calling it these days). SXSWi is a giant playgound for social media, tech, marketing and communications professionals to get together to mingle, network, learn and of course party. It’s one of the largest gatherings of its kind and people from all over the world fly into Austin, Texas to attend. Everyone wants to go to SXSWi, but unfortunately not everyone can.

Well, if you’re one of the unfortunate people who wants to be there but can’t, we have some exciting news for you. Sysomos is teaming up with BBDO Proximity to help get you there virtually via a project called SouthxProxy. Proximity will be bringing their Proxybot  to Austin so that people can experience SXSWi from the comfort of their own computer (or smartphone).

The Proxybot will be sent all over SXSWi, as dictated by four controllers per day that are made up of Proximity employees and interested memebers of the general public.  Each day they will be livestreaming and tweeting everything they see to the internet for all to see. These controllers will be tweeting commands to the Proxybot to attend learning sessions, parties and who knows what else during the SXSWi festival. Sysomos will be helping to monitor all the chatter to and about the Proxybot through social channels. This is a very cool idea that we’re more than happy to be a part of.

Want some more information? Check out this video that Proximity made to explain the concept:

Want to be one of the lucky people to control Proxybot for four hours of SXSWi? Just tweet @Proxybot and tell him why you deserve to control him via tweets.

To view the Proxybot’s live feed, just head to once SXSWi kicks off.

As well, if you’ll actually be down in Austin for SXSWi, keep your eye out for me (Sheldon) as I’ll be there representing Sysomos. Find me and say hi.

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