The Facebook and Google Rivalry Heats Up

Facebook and Google, the two digital behemoths, just can’t seem to get along.

Don’t be fooled, this is not a David vs. Goliath situation, but more along the lines of two giants battling it out for digital supremacy.

Back in January, I posted a post article about Google potentially opening the door to search engine rivals. Lo and behold, it seems the door has opened much wider than initially anticipated.

Recently, word leaked that Facebook might be creating a strategy to get into the search engine fray. This is an interesting counter-attack to Google entering into social network (albeit to mixed results) last year.

Facebook may never admit they are going for the jugular, but by assembling a team of engineers to work on a search engine does send a powerful message.

The message is not just directed at Google. It is another sign to users and admirers that Facebook is are more than just a social network; it is quickly trying to become the entire Web.

It’s too early to make assumptions or wonder how a Facebook search engine will improve on Google’s, but you should never underestimate Zuckerberg and company.

This isn’t to say Google is on the precipice of being a thing of the past, but how many more digital markets can Facebook corner before someone has to raise some monopoly and ethics questions, or before others just stop trying.

Social media can be a ruthless world. A world where those on top can find themselves on the bottom very fast. Especially, when it feels at every turn that Facebook has a personal vendetta against you.

Maybe it is more of a David vs. Goliath situation than originally thought.

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