Can Social Media Win a Presidential Election?

The question about the role of social media in politics has been asked many times (even on occasion by this blog). It is a very important question, and with every election we inch closer to an answer.

A new study by NM Incite believes social media buzz is directly related to the eventual winner of an election.

It is easy to see why social media plays such an integral role in any national or global political decision. Though, it is still a bit of a mystery if the research is there to completely prove its ability to crown winners.

Personally, I think we still have to create the connection between a blog post or tweet and actually feeling empowered enough to go out and vote. While interest in voting is reportedly growing (based heavily on social media activity), there is still a way to go.

While the study doesn’t feel that conclusive, it is another feather in the cap for the reach and proclivity of social media. What started with Barack Obama seems to have been carried on to a high degree of success.

Based on what has occurred in the past few months, the Republican Party has been a consistent topic throughout the digital world. While this is due to their current primaries, if this carries over does it mean the Democratic Party is in trouble?

My guess is the answer is “no”. The Republican Party is on the tip of most tongues, but it has been far from positive, especially considering Barack Obama has not needed to enter the race yet.

What are your thoughts? Do you believe social media buzz is a predicator for who will win the election?

One Comment on “Can Social Media Win a Presidential Election?”

  1. Many people in the Finnish presidential election 2012 claimed that real votes count and social media hype is highly overrated. The situation in the election was that there was one clear popular candidate and all the other ones had quite low support. However one of the challengers really adopted social media to his campaign and was able to get to the second round and created a historical hype behind him. There were bunch of flash mob events for him and so on.

    I think in the US the support of Obama is already very strong and he has also included social media in his communication all the time during his presidency. I think that social media strengthens his power and even though Romney has been growing in social media quite a lot, he will not be able to catch obama. The presidential election campaigning between Romney and Obama has not really even started and I bet there are some cool social media aces that Obama´s organization will implement quite soon.

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