Pinterest Takes the Wedding World by Storm

In a recent article in USA Today, the large, highly profitable and influential world of weddings and brides have taken to Pinterest like a hurricane.

The fastest-growing social media network, which features photos, videos and graphics, is a natural fit to visually “pin” and display things that matter to you. Weddings tend to be a visual feast. See the connection?

Many people start planning their weddings from a young age, and the people who appeared in the USA Today article figured out how to lay out decades of plans and dreams via Pinterest.

If Pinterest steals the wedding photo market from Facebook, it would be a coup.

This is a niche market owned by Facebook as people tend to flock to it the day after the event and flood the social network with photos of their big night.

The entire wedding industry (which easily reaches into the billions in revenue) should begin to set up shop on Pinterest. From planners to bands to caterers to the brides and grooms themselves, Pinterest should become a wedding planning haven for anyone about to take the plunge.

The many options available for weddings is definitely a boon to Pinterest but the biggest impact will be felt by those tasked with making the tough decisions. No more vaguely describing what you want, or going all around town to find the amenities to bring your wedding to life.

Pinterest already estimates that tens of thousands of wedding related and inspired boards fill the forum. This is definitely only the tip of the iceberg.

In fact, Pinterest might mean the death of the beloved scrapbook as a whole, and a completely new way of collecting thoughts, hopes, dreams and sharing memories.

No more cutting and pasting. Everything seems to just literally be a few clicks of a button away.