All Aboard the Twitter Bandwagon!

Do you Twitter?

If not, you probably should. After all, it’s becoming all the rage.

Who says? The Pew Internet & American Life, that’s who. In a survey unveiled last week, Pew said 8% of online adults use Twitter daily. It may seem relatively small but daily usage has doubled since May 2011, and quadrupled since late-2010. Overall, 15% of online adults use Twitter, compared with 13% in May 2011.


twitter pew

One of the most interesting parts of Pew’s survey is how young online users are embracing Twitter. Since late-2011, the percentage of this demographic using Twitter has nearly doubled to 31% from 16%.

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This is eye-opening given it was assumed that Facebook was the social media service of choice for younger people.

So what’s driving this growth. It’s difficult to pin down but Pew suggests some of the growth might be due to the rising use of smartphones.

Given it’s easy to manipulate number, what does the Pew survey really mean? 

It suggests that while Twitter is slowly, but surely, become more of a mainstream service used by a variety of demographic groups. Twitter may never enjoy the kind of ubiquity has Facebook because it’s a different beast that serves different needs. But there seems to be growing indications more people are finding it useful and valuable.

This is great news for the business side of Twitter, which has been grappling to land upon a robust business model. According to Bloomberg, Twitter is expected to have revenue of $1-billion by 2014, compared with $139.5-million in 2011. This is nearly double the estimate of eMarketer.

“The marketers who have used Twitter’s advertising opportunities have been pleased,” Nate Elliott, an analyst with Forrester Research told Bloomberg. “Twitter’s going to be able to push forward and continue to make more money from it.”

While Twitter is still far from being a mainstream service, the Pew survey illustrates it’s expanding beyond the geeks, social media junkies and online addicts.

What do you think? Is Twitter poised to mainstream adoption? How do you see the use of Twitter evolving as more climb on the bandwagon?

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