It’s Still Early Days for Social Media

social mediaOver the past week, I’ve given two presentations to groups that are not using social media or at the early stages of exploring how to embrace it.

For those of us who take tweet, updates, posts and sharing for granted, it can be difficult to fathom there are still people who haven’t jumped on the social media bandwagon yet. After all, everyone is using social media, or so it seems.

But the reality is there are lots of people, many companies and large business sectors that remain on the social media sidelines. For a variety of reasons, they haven’t been compelled to use social media.

These reasons range from regulatory issues, a culture that isn’t social by nature, organization resistance to change or new things, or a failure to see the benefits.

Whatever the reason, the “un-socialized” are not small in numbers. There are a lot of them who may never get into social media even as the rest of the world can’t get enough of it.

It doesn’t mean they’re not interested or aware of social media; it suggests they haven’t seen enough or know enough to make it a personal or corporate priority.

For these people, education will be important to get them comfortable with the idea of social media. It is always interesting to see heads nod and enthusiastic note taking when I do a presentation about the benefits of social media and the different services.

To those us who have already jumped into the pool with both feet, the things we take as a given are completely new and fresh for the uninitiated. It is easy to forget that simply because we’re totally into social media that everyone else is as well.

It may only be a matter of time before the un-socialized start using social media but in the meantime, there’s still a lot of hand-holding and educating to be done.

2 Comments on “It’s Still Early Days for Social Media”

  1. Every time I speak or present I’m taken aback at how many people (and even entire vertical industries) have not embraced social media as a significant part of their business activities. I make it a point to ask the person booking the engagement about the audience social media knowledge level. I usually also begin by asking the audience specific questions just to make sure. You certainly hit the nail on the head with “there’s still a lot of hand-holding and educating to be done.”

    Many people have not been shown any information relevant to their industry or their local community. Once they’re shown the possibilities awaiting them, they get it. I still get excited to see the light bulbs going off in peoples heads as they connect the dots.

    1. You’re right; once people see how it applies to their industry, it is interesting to see how quickly the lightbulb goes on. Thanks for the comment, Mark

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