What is Facebook Appeal?

facebookSocial studies into our use of social media and the world’s most popular site abound these days.

Facebook has become such an integral part of many people’s everyday social lives, it is changing how we interact. As well, it has been able to attract more users, more visits and more social impact than any other social media site.

Reports on how women like to post mean photographs of their friends are somewhat interesting, but here’s one that pushes social media forward: A new U.S. study, published in the latest edition of the Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, looked at the results of a survey of 417 undergraduate students.

While many assume Facebook users are there to build relationships, the study found people seeking entertainment were the most active users of Facebook.

Passing time and seeking information were also important. The appeal of building relationships. which most of us assume a connecting site like Facebook is all about, fell to the bottom in terms of importance to Facebook’s top users.

So simple. And perhaps something some of us could intuit without a huge university study.

But these kind of reports are still enlightening for social media users who may question their own motivation for using Facebook, Twitter, et al throughout the day.

More important, they add to developing an important body of knowledge for marketers, advertisers and digital media specialists. It is also rich fodder for Website designers looking to enrich their content to attract more visitors, as well as  those who are in the business of dreaming up the next big thing in social media.

If anyone can figure out Facebook’s magical recipe and whip up their own unique version of it they, they could become billionaires too. If only it was that easy!

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