Does Social Media Breed Romance?

Remember when you had to approach a stranger to break the ice and find some romance?

Those days are long gone, and a new matchmaker appears to be working overtime. That matchmaker is social media.

The big question on the digital scene might be: does social media breed romance, or does it help keep it going strong?

You could argue either way, but as an advanced communication tool, I’d suggest its goal is to sustain not match.

The impetus to meet someone should be on you, and then use social media to take the relationship further. Communicate, learn and even make some public declarations (if you’re into that sort of thing).

Social media is a game changer, and with the growing number of people meeting and connecting on social networks, there’s no doubt cupid has been reborn (or I guess you could say reprogrammed).

This isn’t just about the reported one out of five couples that meet online, it’s about how the opportunities to connect romantically and even be creative are now readily available with a few clicks of a mouse.

Maybe it’s the fact you don’t have to sit by the phone anymore. Social media allows for instant communication at any time of the day. Some might find this to be a detriment, but in reality it’s an opportunity.

All this being said, do you use social media to connect with a significant other or love interest?

Ever tweeted someone to spark some romance? Or do you find the whole idea of public love to be strange?

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