Taco Bell Gets the Last Laugh

Did you happen to notice the little war of words that recently went down on Twitter? If you didn’t, you missed out on about 280 characters of fun.

Old Spice and Taco Bell for some odd reason decided to trade jabs at each other last week. The great shame is that Old Spice let Taco Bell get the final burn. Where was the witty retort, Old Spice?

Old Spice is known for its off-the-wall humour in social media and colourful tweets, and to be honest I love their tactic involving the random attack on another brand.

Why haven’t more brands taken this approach in the digital world? A brand war throughout social networks sounds like a blast, and a real attention grabber.

A McDonald’s vs. Nike (two stellar online brands) exchange could be worth staying tuned for. Granted this probably won’t happen, but maybe one more well known brand will take this route, and reap the rewards (or kill its reputation and buyer confidence).

Most brands have really played it safe over the last five to 10 years, and that’s not a bad thing. Keep in mind that doing the opposite is the reason why most people were giving digital high-fives to Taco Bell.

My guess is we won’t see something like this happen again for sometime.

Taco Bell 1 Old Spice 0



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  1. Do you know if the agency that created the Old Spice ads is still working with the company? Keep in mind, the ads and social media campaign might have been a short-term effort and not really reflective of the existing corporate culture.

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