The Social Olympics Ramp Up

The Olympics are starting tomorrow, but if you look in the social world you’d think they had already begun. London 2012 is already being dubbed the first ever “social Olympics.” And with very good reason. This will be the first Olympics where people from around the world will take to social channels to discuss what’s happening at the Olympics while also being embraced by the games themselves. They’ve even gone as far as turning the London Eye ferris wheel in to a giant mood ring that displays Twitter sentiment around the games.

Although the Games have yet to start, the social web is already going nuts with Olympics fever. Using MAP, our social media monitoring and analytic software, I pulled up some interesting stats around how much the social world is ramping up for the Olympics. Looking just from July 1st to the 25th for the words “Olympic,” “Olympics,” and the official hashtag of the Games, “#London2012” I found over 6.9 million mentions. There was 212,399 blog posts, 396783 online news stories, 222,819 forum postings and 6,136,395 tweets.

I then looked a little closer at both the blogs and tweets talking about the Olympics. Starting with blogs, we can see that there has been a constant rise in mentions as the Olympics draw ever closer. The majority of these Olympic blog posts appear to be coming from males (58%) between the ages of 21-35 (47.6%). Interestingly, the majority of blog posts also seem to be coming out of the United States (41.4%) while the UK, where the Olympics are actually being held, is producing the second most amount of blogs (32.2%).

Next I pulled up some stats around the Olympic tweets. Here we see that the 6.1 million tweets average out to about 245,000 tweets per day. However, that number is only going to rise even more once the games actually start. Like we saw in the blogs, Olympic tweets have also been gaining steam as we approach the opening ceremonies. However, unlike in blogs, the home country of the UK is leading the pack in amount of Olympic related tweets (37.3%). We can also see a larger increase in males talking about the Games compared to women.

For a better representation of who’s tweeting about the games, I pulled up a geolocation tweet map. Here we can see that tweets about London 2012 are coming from all corners of the globe.

Lastly, I tried to dive into some text analytics to see if any themes were arising through all of that conversation. However, since my search was so broad and there was so much chatter happening about every aspect of the Games, mostly very broad Olympic themed words seemed to show up. As you can see in the word cloud below we get a lot of words that most people would free associate with the Olympics. Words like “world,” “games,” “team,” “athletes,” and “gold.”

However, if you would like to know more about some key themes arising in social media chatter around the Games, check out the Marketwire Summer Games Dashboard.  The dashboard will be constantly monitoring three key themes that are circling around what’s happening in London. It shows activity levels for conversations as well as a buzzgraph to see the key themes being discussed and will be updated with new information every 10 minutes. Click the image below to head over to the Marketwire Summer Games Dashboard.