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On Monday, Mark wrote here about Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney’s choice for his running mate and Vice President. When the announcement hit on Saturday, tweets were averaging 3,746 per minute. Since then, the talk has died down a bit, but Ryan is still a popular topic across the social sphere. Using MAP, our social media monitoring and analytics software, I took a look at the talk about Paul Ryan.

I did a search for the name “Paul Ryan” and his new Twitter handle “@PaulRyanVP” over the past week. I understand that some people are referring to him by just his last name, but with Ryan being such a common name I didn’t want to taint my results. In the past week I found over 1 million conversations about Paul Ryan. There were 35,709 blog posts, 46,554 online news articles, 69,627 forum postings and 940,365 tweets.

Trending that data out over time, we can see that Ryan, as a Representative of Wisconsin, was barely a topic of converstaion before Saturday. But on Saturday, when Romney announced him as his VP, talk skyrocketed. Since then, as I noted above, the Ryan chatter has somewhat calmed down but he still remains a big topic of conversation.

Of course, most of this talk was coming from the United States. The USA accounted for 83.1% of all the Paul Ryan talk. Of course other countries talked and reported on the new potential Vice President, but the country wit the second most mentions of Ryan, Canada, only made up 2.4% of all the talk.

Surprisingly, the majority of conversation about Ryan came out in a neutral position. Usually, when politics are involved, emotions and sentiment tend to get a bit more intense. However, in this case, only 18% of the conversation was rated negative and only 29% positive.

And just what were people talking about? Well, both our word cloud and buzzgraph show that Romney, Ryan’s running mate, is right there in the center of all the talk as well. We can also see that Ryan being named the “vice” “presidential” “candidate” is still a hot topic around him. As well, we see that “Obama”, who Romney and Ryan are running against, seems to be brought up a lot in conversation as well.

Lastly, I looked at the most retweeted tweets about Paul Ryan. The most RT’d was Mitt Romney announcing Ryan as his VP candidate, and the third most RT’d was Ryan making the announcement on his own account. However, the second, fourth, and fifth most RT’d tweets were not as pro-Ryan as the others. The fourth was actually a tweet that came from Obama’s Twitter account.

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