INFOGRAPHIC: Social Olympic Champions – Athletes & Brands

The Olympics are over. The medals have all been won. The ceremonies have all been held. The tweets have all been tweeted.

What was known as the first ever social Olympics has come to a close. There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that this year’s Games was the most social worldwide event ever. People took to all social networks to join in on the conversation. And it wasn’t just people that took advantage of the social media chatter, but brands as well. So who was being talked about most?

Working with our friends at Banyan Branch, we analyzed the social talk around the top athletes and the official Olympic sponsor brands by finding them in Olympic conversations or along side the #London2012 hashtag. We sifted through all this data to declare the gold, silver and bronze winners over the course of the Olympics. And of course, we put our results into an infographic for you to enjoy.

For the athletes, Michael Phelps garnered the most social talk, followed closely by Usain Bolt and then Gabrielle Douglas. For the brands, P&G ran away with the gold. In a distant second place was Coca-Cola followed by Visa. We also dug a bit deeper into these mentions of top athletes and brands to see who was talking about them. One of the most interesting things we found was how different ages talked differently about brands associated with the Olympics. The average age of people talking about Samsung came in at 29, but the average age of people talking about Acer was 42 years old.

Take a look at some of the other stats below. Are you surprised by anything you see? Let us know in the comments.

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