Three Keys to a Successful Social Media Campaign

Many social media users and fans get excited when a brand knocks it out of the park with a great and engaging digital campaign. It provides credibility that this is the place to drive marketing activities in a different or unique way.

The reality is when social campaigns hit, they have the ability to hit in a big way.

Some of the best campaigns orchestrated by Google, Old Spice and McDonald’s have delivered dividends that far exceed the online world.

So what do brands and agencies need to keep in mind when devising the next great social media campaign?

1. Creativity is key. The generic or the broad rarely plays well in the offline world, let along within social media.

The best campaigns all have this in common. Those who do straightforward “join now” or “click here” campaigns may have trouble engaging fans and potential fans.

2. Hit emotional notes. Old Spice did this through humor, which made it doubly impressive. The “It Gets Better” campaign” created emotional engagement with celebrities and users, which heightened everything.

3. Find your online audience. You can cast a wide net but you have to still focus on target audiences who will talk about and share your campaign and its value.

Which social media campaigns have hit home hardest with you?


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