Those Who Can Must Teach

The title is a play on a popular expression but people who want to help their clients enter into the social frontier must prove they can do it themselves.

It’s a simple equation: you can not convince others to have a social media presence if yours is non-existent. First, you need to assess your Web presence and your social media reach to ensure it is sound. Only then can you go out and acquire business.

If your social presence is lacking, it is difficult to tell others it’s because you’re swamped with business creating social media strategy for others.

A great chef can’t order pizza every time they have guests over. Eventually, people will think you’re full of it. Just remember you don’t want to be the shoemaker with holes in their shoes.

Right off the bat, secure all of the user names on the popular services that you think will be activated at some point for yourself or your agency. This might seem obvious but we’ve all encountered putting this off only to have it come back to bite us.

From there, build a strategy that will keep your potential users interested and engaged. This must include what type of content you want to create or curate, along with an editorial calendar so it doesn’t fall by the wayside.

Now is the time to find your audience. Cast a broad net but consider geography and most important their network. Maybe the individual user won’t matter but there network could consist of potential clients.

Your success will be dependent on activity and strategy. There’s no way around these two tent poles, so embrace it and stay active and on point.




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