Tips on Developing Your Social Street Cred

As much as social media has been around for a few years, it is still, in many ways, a new and evolving frontier for for marketing, communications and advertising.

For individuals, brands or agencies looking to embrace and leverage social media, it is important to learn from those who have succeeded and failed.

Here are some time tested approaches and tips that everyone should explore and try to embrace. Keep in mind, none of them have to be treated as dogma, and you should see what works best for you.

Party Where the Party’s Happening

One of the biggest and most practical pieces of advice is party where the party is happening. In other words, participate on social media networks where your target audiences are talking, creating and consuming content.

It makes no sense to be on Facebook, for example, if you’re target audiences aren’t using Facebook. Rule: It is not the size of the social network that matters but where you need to play to engage and connect. This could mean focusing resources on niche social networks – and there lots of them out there.

Be Transparent, Generous

Second, be transparent, honest and generous. Many of the most successful brands using social media have connected with existing and potential customers by offering value through resources, tips, insight and information. Their goal is driving awareness, brand loyalty and a following as opposed to getting people to purchase products or services.

This is not to suggest sales aren’t important but social media isn’t about sales as much as it’s about nurturing relationships with customers.

Street Cred is Everything

Finally, everyone must remember that digital street cred is everything. Building a brand through social media means building trust on a day in, day out basis.

Social media a great vehicle to show people you want to serve their needs and interests, and that you will make a commitment to do that as part of how your brand operates online and off-line.

This advice may come across as straightforward but they’re key elements of having sustained success on social media.

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