Heartbeat Product Updates: Better Engagement and Publishing for Your Facebook Fan Page

We’ve added even more features to help you engage, publish, report and keep an eye on your Facebook Pages

At Sysomos, we’re committed to building software that makes your life easier. Because of this, we’ve given our Heartbeat platform an update to make your social engagement even better.

We’ve completely revamped the Facebook Page Central section of Heartbeat to give you a better way to engage your fans and a much more robust way to measure the activity on your page.  We’ve also added a new feature to our Engagement Central for Twitter.

We’ve tried to give you a much richer experience in how you interact with and measure your Facebook Fan Page. These updates include a way to make multimedia posts look even better, an improved way to breakdown your Facebook page insights, an easier way to find and report on your most popular posts, and the same measurement and analysis tools you’ve come to expect from Sysomos.

Customize Your Multimedia
In order to make Facebook posts from within Heartbeat even easier, this latest update brings the ability to preview and customize how your media looks in your wall post. This feature mimics the functionality found when posting directly in Facebook, but it can now be done without leaving Heartbeat to see how the media looks. This action will also be tracked through the workflow so you can track everything happening on your fan page.

Facebook Insights Metrics On Top of Our Standard Sysomos Facebook Analytics
The Facebook tab of Heartbeat used to give you a set of analytics that were uniquely different to those given from Facebook Insights. However, in order to make your job easier, we’ve changed that so you no longer have to check two places for your page’s analytics. Just Heartbeat. Heartbeat now shows data directly from your Facebook Insights, such as:

  • Page views and engagement levels

  • Individual post analytics including; total views, fan views, viral views, likes and comments

  • Fan growth

  • Top fans

  • Fan demographics

  • And more!

Send Your Fans Private Messages from Heartbeat
Facebook recently gave brands the ability to interact privately with their fans through private messages. Now you can respond to all the private messages sent to your brand right through Heartbeat. Simply head over to the Messages tab to see all your private messages, click on the one you’d like to respond to, type your response and hit send. It’s just that simple.

An Easier Way to Figure Out Which of Your Posts Are Working Best
An important part of any content strategy is knowing what works and what doesn’t. Instead of combing through all your posts to see their performance, the new Top Posts tab simplifies that process. See all the interactions among your recent posts or sort to see the top posts for the metrics that matter most to your goals. You can sort posts by total and unique views, total and unique fan views, total and unique viral views, most engaged posts, post that receive the most negative actions, most commented on and most liked posts. These metrics will give you a great sense of what your audience likes and doesn’t like to help you make better decisions on the type of content they want in the future.

Add Images to Your Tweets
Images help you communicate more in a really simple way. Images have also been shown to increase engagement with audiences more than just words. That’s why we’ve now given you the ability to easily add an image to your tweets from anywhere in the system. Whether you’re in Engagement Central or just replying to a tweet from the Your Heartbeats tab, simply click the Add Image button underneath the tweet box, browse through your files to find the right image and hit OK. Your image will then show up in your tweet under Twitter’s own picture format of pic.twitter.com.

If you’re already a Sysomos subscriber and have any questions about these new features, please don’t hesitate in reaching out to your account manager.

If you’re not already a Sysomos subscriber and are interested in learning more about these features and others from us, please feel free to contact us.

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    1. Hi Alex,

      This is a metric that comes directly from Facebook’s API. An engagement is some sort of interaction with a post beyond just seeing it in your stream. So, Facebook counts an engagement as a click on a link, like or comment on a post on your Facebook page wall.
      Hope that helps!

      Sheldon, community manager for Marketwired

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