A Couple of Tips for Digital Marketers

Most brands and digital marketers seem to be using many of the same tactics to reach the same short and long term goals.

One thing is certain, everyone is looking for an edge in this crowded marketing paradise.

Here are wo tips that can really prove that the devil is in the details.

Keep it Short and to the Point

Many users and brands try to be overly eloquent. We have to realize most of our online fans and audiences want us to be succinct. They also tend to be fairly savvy for the most part, and don’t require as much information as we think.

Keep everything as short as possible, and trim the fat on every update and tweet whenever possible. This is doubly important for any video content.

When’s the last time you stopped reading or watching something because it was simply too long? I am a guilty culprit, that’s for sure.

Ask and Never Assume

Always tell your audience what you are up to, and what you want from them. This is the only way to really get what you want.

You might think it is redundant or pointless to say “click here” or “watch this” or “share”, but direct communication in the digital world can go a long, long way.

Think about it this way, the online world and the popular forums are filled with a lot of noise. You might assume it is inherently clear what you want, but it never is. Tell your audience what you want, and many more will happily oblige. Of course, this is a two-way street.

Check back here often for more tips on how to stand out in the vast world of social media. See what I did there?

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