Is Short the New Long?

Social media is constantly changing, and you need to keep up (or ideally stay ahead) of the trends and fads to market and communicate effectively.

A new and interesting trend has emerged this year, which wil probably going to stick around for the long haul. It’s the short video, which has been gaining steam for quite some time.

This started with Keek (which we blogged about recently) and has reached a new level with Vine – a new Twitter app that lets you create six second videos

Vine is essentially a Twitter version of video messaging. Six seconds is its version of 140 characters and users are taking to it so far. It might have more legs than some of its predecessors when all is said and done.

Even if you don’t want to have a presence on Keek or use Vine, it’s not hard to see that short video is what audiences are demanding.

Some will call this another example of our attention span being reduced to nothing. The truth is, we’re embracing new modes and mediums and discovering exciting ways to tell stories.

All digital marketers need to explore and embrace Keek and Vine, and, most important, find the best way to integrate Vine into your Twitter strategy.

2 Comments on “Is Short the New Long?”

  1. As much as Facebook, then Twitter, then Vine have all been criticized (as you point out) for forcing us to reduce our thoughts/comments to ever encreasingly shorter durations, I rather enjoy the constraint-based creativity it inspires.

    True there is a large share of meaningless chatter out there, just as there is in our routine daily interactions dating back to long before the days of Archie and Gopher. Still, it’s often worth the manual filtering to be dazzled by the amazing stories people tell and the creative ways in which they tell them in 480 characters or less, 140 characters or less and, now, six seconds of video.

    1. Mark: You’re right, there is a lot of noise out there so short-form communication is one way to communicate quickly. The question is whether short makes it too easy for people to communicate their thoughts and comments. That said, we should always be open to new ways to communicate. After all, who thought 140 characters would be embraced so enthusiastically. 🙂 Thanks for the comment. Mark

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