Car Companies Rev up to Social Media

When you boil it down, social media connects brands with audiences to sell products and sell services.

The automobile industry is among the biggest in North America so it’s interesting to look at whether it is  taking advantage of social media?

Looks at the social media the presence of many car makers makes it clear this is happening. Volkswagen, Ford and Audi are making heavy investments in the time and money.

Ford’s presence on Facebook (approximately 1.8 million fans) is impressive. You could argue it should be crowned one of the early kings of the social networks.

There are very few auto manufacturers not flocking to the digital networks. YouTube also become a huge destination for brands to connect and share.

Beyond the economic implications, the auto industry has such a passionate and devoted fan base that not leveraging social media would be an enormous mistake.

Whether it is a family sedan, luxury car or SUV, social media is where you will find passionate people looking to learn more and let you know what they think and want.

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