7 Stats About The Last 7 Days On Twitter

Last week Twitter celebrated its 7th birthday. Yesterday Mark wrote about 7 things that make Twitter remarkable. To keep on the theme, I decided to celebrate Twitter’s birthday by showing the world 7 days of interesting Twitter data.

Using MAP, our social media monitoring and analytics software, I did a little tinkering with queries to look at all the tweets for the past 7 days and found that over 2 billion tweets were produced in the past week. The exact number is 2,147,483,647 tweets. That translates into 306,783,392 tweets per day and 12,782,641 tweets per hour.

This overall scan also showed me which countries are tweeting the most. The United States of America produced the most tweets in the past 7 days by a whopping amount. They accounted for 29.5% of all tweets. The second most tweets came from Indonesia, but they only accounted for 9.4% of tweets. Third was the United Kingdom (5.8%) followed by Brazil (5.4%), Spain (3.3%), Argentina (2.9%) and Canada (2.8%).

I also wanted to highlight that while the gender of those people tweeting was fairly close to even, females tweeted more than males 51% to 49%.

Now, I want to quickly go back to where tweets were originating from. I pulled up a heat map to visually show where 7 days of tweets come from. If we look closely, you can actually notice a signifficant amount of tweets coming from those countries listed above like the United States, United Kingdom and Indonesia.

I then wanted to see what kind of tweets people had been sending in the past 7 days. In order to do this though I had to create a query of some sorts. What I came up with was a query of a string of very common words. The query I used was “a OR the OR is OR which OR as OR at OR on OR an OR for OR to“. While this query won’t access all 2 billion tweets I found above I thought that it would get me a very decent sample size. When I looked at the tweets from this sample I found that 52% of them were regular tweets. 31% of tweets in the past week retweets and only 17% were @ replies.

I then went back to my blank query to try and figure out what got people talking on Twitter over these past 7 days. I started by looking at the top hashtags used. The number one hashtag from the past week was #KCA, which is the hashtag from Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards that happened on Sunday night (and not a March Madness team’s abbreviation as I had originally thought). After a bit of research I also out that #VoteWhatMakesYouBeautiful was also related to #KCA and was One Direction fans voting for their song “What Makes You Beautiful” to be the Favourite Song (and it was). Something I found interesting was the number of hashtags that people were using to collect new followers like #teamfollowback, #followback and even #90sbabyfollowtrain.

Lastly I looked at a word cloud of what people were tweeting about. While there’s no clear conversations to be pulled out of this word cloud, there are some interesting words in it. However, we can see that the most common english words I found being used were (in no particular order) “don’t,” “good,” “love,” “people,” and “follow.”

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