Social + Website Conversion = Success

website conversionWhat are your goals for social media? At the end of the day, what is social media going to do help drive your business?

Maybe it’s customer service, brand awareness, content distribution or, heck, generating sales leads.

In many cases, social media is leveraged to drive inbound traffic. All the time and energy spent on tweets, updates, shares and pins are intended to get people to your Website.

Then what?

In an ideal world, you’re able to meet their needs. It could be more information about your products or services, it be videos, white papers, blog posts, case studies or memberships/subscriptions.

Whatever the inbound goal, your Website needs to perform or, in other words, it has to be optimized to drive conversions.

Given the importance of conversion, it is interesting to see that 53% of companies spent less than 5% of their marketing budgets on optimization.

This news came was part of the Adobe 2013 Digital Marketing Optimization Survey, which includes analysis by eConsultancy. Adobe interviewed more than 1,800 digital marketers in North America, Europe and Asia.

In many respects, conversion (along with driving sales) is one of the dirty little secrets of social media. We spend a lot of time talking about conversations and engagement but why would a brand do anything if it’s not about boosting the business, particularly the bottom line.

Brands should not be shy about using social to get people to convert (aka take an action). Social media is marketing, and marketing is designed to get potential and existing customers to do things.

The worst thing a brand can do is cut themselves off at the knees by having a great social media program but not having a Website that can take advantage of the traffic generated.

Social media and a Website are a great one-two digital marketing punch. Both parts need to work well and be optimized to turn activity into success.

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