Customer Service’s Greatest Innovation

Social media might be the greatest innovation the world of customer service has ever experienced.

As a digital marketer, you have experienced the impact of social service professionally and personally.

Customer service can be viewed as the greatest measure of a company’s success, both in the offline and online worlds. It positively affects the top and bottom lines in many ways.

The important thing to remember is that regardless of how amazing your product and/or services are, there will be problems. Some customers will not be pleased, and frankly, it’s their right.

Social media is where this complaint will most likely live and be seen and read by others.

You have to constantly monitor social networks to see who’s happy and unhappy with your brand. Most importantly, you need to act fast and directly.

For some reason, negative opinions travel fast in social media. A bad experience with your brand can cause a tidal wave of opinion in social media. As well, brands of all sizes have dealt with this in the digital arena.

It is also your responsibility to foster and help spread the good opinions and experiences that get shared on social media.

Never have brands been given such an opportunity and, at the same time, had to shoulder such responsibility. Take it seriously and make it count.

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