Working Around Social Media Vacations

It’s really hot out there. So hot, it might be time for a vacation. From work and chores. Even social media?

According to a new survey by, more than half of online users asked have taken or have considered taking a social media vacation. Why? they’re tired of irrelevant updates and don’t have time.

Of those surveyed, 40% had multiple social media profiles and 35% said they spent more than 31 minutes a day on social media and dealing with personal emails.

This all ties into the slow media movement: a growing chorus that advocates for less time on screens and avoiding things like responding rapidly to emails, Facebook updates and texts. People are concerned about how our rapidly changing digital universe is impacting them, and thinking about ways to unplug.

For brands looking to get marketing messages to potential or existing customers via social media, this data serves as a warning: information overload is a real threat and social media audiences, hungry as they seem to be most of the time, are closer to burnout than we would like.

Posting too often, spreading news that’s not really news, being too self absorbed and reposting without input: all these social media marketing habits can inspire followers to shut down their desktops and get their media kicks elsewhere.

To keep followers engaged and not tempted to switch you off, focus on some of the basics of social media marketing. Less is more.

Get involved in conversations and the community instead of just promoting yourself. If you can’t say anything authentic, say nothing at all. Re-read, and re-read again, every post to avoid triggering unwanted controversy.

And, hard as it may be, accept that your message is part of a busy, loud social media industry. It may not be heard by everyone. It may be heard so much by some that they’ll want to shut it off.

Keeping this in mind need not destroy your social media intentions, but it can help you craft them to be more succinct, smart, timely and respectful of your audience and just how much they want to hear.

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