Seven Tips for a Great Corporate Blog

Have a corporate blog? Want to make it as good as you can? Here are seven straightforward tips to improve your blog.

1. Focus on your customers

If you’re just promoting your products, your readers will quickly turn away. A blog is not meant to be an ad or an online brochure. Focus on what your customers are interested in. Offer them useful information about topics related to your company and industry. Every once in awhile, it’s fine to mention a new product, feature or company news — but only after you have everyone hooked.

2. Have a plan

Blog posts take time, and nothing puts a writer off the project than not having a topic. Create an editorial plan in advance so you can post regularly (weekly or, ideally, more often), and not be scrambling for ideas. By planning in advance, you can take advantage of seasonal topics (such as back to school!) and major corporate news and events.

3. Read the competition

Keep your eye on what competitors are doing on their blogs. Don’t copy them, but use any unanswered questions to develop ideas for blog posts. Keep an eye out for things such as style, use of images and other techniques to see if they seem effective with customers.

4. Develop a personality

Use the writing of your blog to develop a voice that your customers can relate to. If your sector allows it, consider a casual and fun approach. A blog with character is more fun to read and could attract loyal readers.

5. Keep at it

Regular posting creates loyal readers and drives search engine “juice”.

6. Break it up

In general, blog posts should be 300-400 words. If you do write longer posts, most readers will lose interest. Even if your content is on word count, keep the text easy to read by breaking things up with subheads, number or bullets. Most people skim content online so breaking text up into chunks will help them zero in on the info they’re looking for.

7. Review

There’s a saying: writing is rewriting. Don’t expect the writing to go easily and quickly. Review your work several times — even the next day — before you publish. Don’t be concerned if it takes several attempts and rewrites to get the post to just where you want it to be.

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