Senior Citizens’ Love Affair With Social Media

This isn’t the biggest secret but senior citizens are the fastest growing demographic group adopting social media is senior citizens.

Ironically, senior citizens were often the group most neglected by digital marketers. Why? The big reason is they were brushed aside as non-users of the Web, or they just simply not interested in anything digital.

But here’s the reality: this is a generalization that can now hurt a brand in the online world.

One of the questions digital marketers need to ask themselves is: why are senior citizens enthusiastically embracing social media?

It could be the platforms are surprisingly easy to use, or that their friends and family are users. It could even be that social media is the best way to stay up-to-date.

Whatever the reason, if they make up one of your audiences than they need to be build into your digital plan.

So how do marketers engaged senior citizens using social media?

You’ll have to approach them using different tactics and a different mindset than certain other users.

For one, it will mean using fewer gimmicks. As well, it will have to involve more transparency, as well as toning down some of social media’s more gamified aspects. Curating content and stories relevant to them will be a key consideration.

Most importan, you need to listen attentively to what they want from social media and what they expect of your brand.


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