Find a Happy Medium in Social Media

mediumEvery digital marketer and PR practitioner should be searching for social networks that can help to drive their brands, communicate their core business propositions and connect with fans.

This means looking beyond what is popular today – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. – to discover what has a chance to be popular tomorrow. After all, there are corners of the digital world where your potential audience might be hiding.

The social network  I’m watching is called Medium, created by Evan Williams of Twitter. If you haven’t heard about Medium yet, there’s a good chance you will in the near future.

Medium is designed to be a new blogging platform that is more story oriented. It is positioned to be a good place to post anything from white papers to recipes to simple branded stories.

It’s a simple idea matched with a simple and clean design but Medium is an interesting vehicle for many digital marketing initiatives if done right.

Remember, content isn’t king…good content is king.

If you tell your story (or even better get your fans to tell your story) and use proper keywords and keyword density, you can have a great impact connecting with audiences and, as important, meet your search engine optimization objectives. Of course, this is secondary to readability.

The important thing about Medium is it’s a new avenue to tell your story, which means you need to see if it can help your digital brand grow.

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