Coca-Cola Really Makes Content King

coca-colaAs a former newsletter journalist, I have always believed that content is king.

As much as social media is a powerful medium to engage consumers and drive conversations, a lot of activity is powered by how brands that different networks to efficiently share content to a global audience.

One of the reasons content marketing has become red-hot is how it allows brand to deliver value to to consumers – aka soft selling.

It’s a dramatic departure from traditional marketing, which involves blasting out marketing to convince consumers what you’re selling is the best option.

The growing importance aof content was thrust into the spotlight when Coca-Cola unveiled an overhaul of its corporate Website, which now features content as opposed to product information.

Jay Baer, a well-known social media consultant, says Coca-Cola is showing how brands have to “redefine their corporate website into a curated visual, shareable experience”.

So what are Coca-Cola’s motivations when it comes to adopting this new approach?

Is it a willingness to be innovative and on the bleeding-edge? Is it the need to explore ways to outflank the competition? Is the company doubling-down on the value of content?

It’s probably all of the above but the key strategic goal may be the appetite to drive engagement.

Truth be told, the competitive landscape is busy and noisy, making it difficult for brands to rise above the crowd.

At the same time, social media no longer offers brands as much of an edge as it did a few years ago. Social media has become table stakes because every brand needs to not only do it, but do it well.

For social media trailblazers such as Coca-Cola, it leaves them with little choice but to move on to something new to stay ahead of the pack.

For Coca-Cola, the content-ization of its corporate Website is a bold move to maintain its status as one of the most innovative digital brands.

In many respects, Coca-Cola is taking content to a new level by making it a focal point of its digital presence, above and beyond blog posts, videos, photos and updates.

While Coca-Cola’s decision may strike some people as odd, do not be surprised to more brands go the same route in 2014.

More: For other thoughts on Coca-Cola’s new Website, check out GeekWire, which suggests the static Website is dead.

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