The Marriage of Social Media and Content Niches

social mediaIn many ways, content and social media are perfect partners.

Social media is a great way for content to be distributed, and provides an easy way to encourage engagement and conversations.

Content is the fuel that drive social media activity. It provides brands and individuals with a way to capitalize on the power of social media while providing value-added information.

As social media and content marketing continue to expand and evolve, it has been interesting to see the rise of niche communities that leverage the marriage of social media and content.

Here are a few examples of how niche communities are emerging to serve the interests of content makers and consumers:

– A partnership between Rand Fishkin, CEO and cofounder of Moz, and and Dharmesh Shah, Hubspot’s CTO and co-founder, it is a place for inbound marketers to share content.

Growthhackers: Started by Sean Ellis, Growthhackers is a community for the “growth obsessed to connect and get inspired”.

ShareBloc, which is building a community of professionals to “share, curate and discuss business content that matters”.

So why are these niche social/content communities being created?

In some respects, it represents the creation of communities around relevant, specific topics. At the same time, they can be seen as the fragmentation of communities into narrow, focused entities.

What do these communities represent?

As the social and content marketing world become noisier and more difficult to navigate, the development of niche communities is a way to provide people with places that meet their specific needs and interests.

They are not designed for everyone but, rather, people looking for communities to improve and inspire what they are doing professionally and personally.

Going forward, you can expect to see even more of these communities pop up as people look for efficient and effective ways to share and consume content, as well as share it socially.

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