Updates to MAP & Heartbeat, Powered by Sysomos: Influencer Communities, Instagram and more

Jenny Force Jenny Force, VP of Marketing

Today we’re happy to announce the first 2014 release of new enhancements to MAP and Heartbeat, Powered by Sysomos, in what is set to be an exciting year ahead.

Valuable features like Influencer Communities, Instagram integration, updated Facebook functionality in Heartbeat, and Media Sets in MAP promise to make your social media monitoring, analysis and engagement activities even more successful.


Heartbeat, Powered by Sysomos

Influencer Communities

Knowing who is influencing conversations about your brand has been important since you started engaging in the social media space. With our new Influencer Communities tool in Heartbeat we’ve taken this identification a step further to show you not just one single influencer, but the different communities of influencers talking about your brand and/or what’s important to you. Heartbeat’s new Influencer Communities makes it super simple for you to identify, measure and track people who hold the key to your social media success.

To get started using Influencer Communities, head over to the Measure tab of Heartbeat and you’ll find the Communities link in the right-hand sidebar. The diagram that you see is called the Influencer Graph, and it corresponds with the Heartbeat tag and filters you’re currently looking at. For example, below is an Influencer Graph of people talking about coffee. In the graph we can see different communities that are connected to one another and who are all talking about coffee. Clicking on a group will give you a list of that group’s members on the right-hand side of the graph. As well, you can hover over each circle individually to see the Twitter handle of the influencer it represents and what their influence score is out of 20. The larger the circle, the more influential that person is within that specific community on your specific topic.

 Heartbeat - Influencer Communities Graph

For even more power from our new Influencers Communities, we give you the ability to see what a community is saying about your specific query. When a specific community is highlighted in the Influencer Graph you can see what that community is talking about with the Community Word Cloud. This will allow you to find the people important to you and then target your messages to really resonate with what’s important to them.

Heartbeat - Influencer Community Word Cloud

Best of all, you can use our filtering system to get really granular when trying to identify the right influencers for your goals. For example, you can stack filters to find people talking about “coffee” just in “Canada” and only in “French.”


Instagram In Heartbeat

You’ve been asking for it and now we’re proud to say that Instagram can be monitored directly from within Heartbeat. In fact, we’ve given you two different ways that you can add Instagram data in Heartbeat. You can now monitor hashtags that are being used on Instagram and you can monitor posts and comments on those posts from any Instagram account. Results using both methods will appear in the My Heartbeats tab.

To link your Instagram account to Heartbeat, click on Settings at the top of Heartbeat. Then select Instagram from the sidebar at the right. Next, click on the “Authenticate Instagram” button, which will take you to an official Instagram screen to enter the login and password details for a valid Instagram account. This will allow Heartbeat to start collecting Instagram data. Once that is done, return to the Instagram settings page and enter an Instagram account name under “Your Instagram Channels” and click the “Link User” button.

Heartbeat - Instagram Settings

To monitor Instagram for other users’ posts, enter single-word queries (think hashtags like “NoFilter” or “MyBrandName”) to the Queries section of Settings as you would for all of your other queries and make sure that Instagram is selected as a source. After that, Heartbeat will start to compile mentions of your query into Your Heartbeats. To view just the Instagram results, select Instagram as a filter for your search in the filters drop-down menu.

Heartbeat - Instagram in Your Heartbeats


Reply To & Like/Unlike Comments on Your Facebook Fan Page

We constantly are trying to give you better features to interact with your communities on Facebook directly through the Heartbeat platform. As of today, we’ve added two new enhancements to help you interact more efficiently with the addition of the ability to “like” (or “unlike”) and reply to comments posted on your Facebook Fan Page. Both of these features can be used from either the Your Heartbeats or the Facebook tab inside Heartbeat.

To reply, like or unlike a comment on your Facebook Fan Page, find the comment in question either on your Facebook Fan Page tab or the My Heartbeats tab. Then click on the tooltip to the right of the comment. You will then see a pop-up window with a like/unlike button and a textbox where you can leave your comment. From there you can click the “like” button to like the comment or leave your message to your community on their comment in the textbox and then click the “Post Comment” button. Or, why not do both and show them that you really care?

Heartbeat - Facebook Comment Repliess and Likes


Either of these actions will also appear in your Workflow Activity Log so that others on your team can keep track and know that action has been taken.


MAP, Powered by Sysomos

MediaSets Now Available For Forums and News

MediaSets have always been a valuable tool in the blogs section of MAP for focusing your research on just a few specific sources. Now, we’ve taken that same great asset and given you the ability to do the same when searching through forums and online news.

Let’s say you’re interested in finding out what people are saying about the latest model JEEP in what you consider to be the three most influential car forums. Rather than searching all forums for mentions of this JEEP, you can now create a MediaSet to only search through these specific forums for your query, giving you a much more targeted look at how the forums that matter most to you are reacting.

In order to create a new MediaSet, select MediaSets from the Project Area drop-down menu at the top of MAP. Then, click on the “Create New MediaSet” on the right side of the page, give it a name, select a folder to save it in and click “Save.”

MAP - Setting Up Media Sets

Once you’ve created the MediaSet you can start adding the domains to use when searching by entering the URL in the text box (make sure each new domain added to your Media Set gets written on a new line to separate domains) and then click “Add Domains” when you’re done. Now, your MediaSet can be brought up and used by accessing the MediaSets filter in the query filter section of MAP.

If you’re already a Marketwired client and would like to learn more about any of these new updates or require assistance with them, please feel free to reach out to your account manager who would be more than happy to help you.

If you’re not already a client, but would like to learn more about these and other features that can help you with your social media efforts, we urge you to contact us and we’d be more than happy to talk with you.

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