McDonald’s® Canada Uses Social Data About Consumers To Tell Them About Themselves

Jenny Force Jenny Force, VP of Marketing

As you might imagine, we’re pretty big fans of seeing people use interesting data to create great content. That’s why when we got word of how our client GolinHarris turned some research data into a full-blown social campaign, we had to share the story with you.

McDonald’s Canada wanted to promote their McCafé® Premium Roast Brewed Coffee. More specifically, through social media they wanted to raise awareness of their Free Coffee event  – where as you might have guessed, restaurants across the country give away free coffee to all their customers (which is going on now, just in case you live in Canada and are in need of a caffeine fix). So working with GolinHarris,they started to plan by doing what any smart professional would; research.

Using our Sysomos software, GolinHarris and McDonald’s Canada started to research how Canadian consumers talk about coffee through social media. During the process, they started to notice some interesting patterns in the stats they were seeing. Things like: Canadians talk about coffee on Wednesdays the most, or that March sees the largest amount of coffee talk in Canada while July sees the least.

All of this was really interesting data that they collected through social media to learn more about their target consumers, Canadian coffee drinkers, that they could use to plan out both their campaigns and their products.

But rather than keep this information internal, they started thinking about who else might like to know about some of their interesting findings. The answer was, of course, Canadian coffee drinkers. So they set about to create a fun way to share this information while promoting McCafé’s coffee and free coffee week.

The result is a series of what GolinHarris calls “infobytes.” Little single fact infographics that they can share through social media that will likely grab the attention of the coffee drinkers they’re targeting by showing them interesting data about themselves.


We thought this was a really clever idea. Use interesting data found through our Sysomos software about their target audience to actually intrigue and entice that same audience. The infobytes are nice looking too.

 McDonald's McCafe Infobyte

This just goes to show that data can be a powerful tool. It can not only help you to learn more about your audience, but it can also help to grab their attention. People love to see interesting data presented in an interesting way.

So, if you’re doing research, don’t always keep your findings to yourself. Use it to tell a story. You may just be surprised by who else finds it interesting and takes notice.

To see more of McDonald’s Canada’s infobytes check out their Twitter account.

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