How To Present Data So That It Sticks

Jenny Force Jenny Force, VP of Marketing

It was four years ago at SXSW that I first met Eric Swayne. At the time, Eric was a Sysomos client through the agency he was currently working and wanted to meet someone from our team. I gladly agreed and we sat down over lunch and had a very interesting conversation.

I quickly realized that Eric was a pretty smart cookie. Ever since then we’ve kept in touch via emails and Twitter and we always meet up every year in Austin when we return for SXSW. Also, if I’m ever at an event where Eric is speaking, I make sure that I get to his session so I can hear what he has to say.

This year’s SXSW Interactive was no different. I had casually bumped into Eric at a BBQ event and he told me that would be giving a talk two days later. While it wasn’t on my original schedule (simply due to a mistake of not seeing he’d be speaking), I quickly changed my plans for Monday afternoon to make sure I was in attendance.

What I saw was a fantastic presentation entitled Science to Storyteller: Enter the Data Narrator. In this presentation Eric talked about how you present data really matters and how to do it better. I thought this would be quite an interesting topic, especially to people who read this blog, so I took the tweets that came out during his presentation and turned them into a Storfiy story.

Below you’ll find the Storify of Eric’s presentation with highlights that include great tips on presenting data, such as:

  • Seeing something in data and getting others to understand are two completely different things
  • What a data insight is
  • How to find an insight and then make it stick with the people you’re presenting it to
  • Show just the right amount of data
  • And, how to deal with insights and scheduled or automated reports

If you’d like to see the actual presentation, head over to Eric Swayne’s website and see the Prezi presentation in full.

Do you have any tips on presenting data? Leave them in the comments for everyone to see.


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