Sysomos Partners With Tickr To Bring Business Intelligence To A Whole New Level

Jenny Force Jenny Force, VP of Marketing

Today we’re both proud and excited to announce our new partnership with Tickr, a pioneer in the real-time visualization of enterprise-level data.

As of today, Sysomos will be known as a ‘Preferred Social Intelligence Partner’ in the already expansive Tickr ecosystem.

But what is Tickr and why would this be useful to you?

Before Tickr, marketers, analysts, mangers and others would have to log into dozens of websites so that they could see what is going on with their web analytics, track media, see sales information and, of course, view what is going on with their social media. But Tickr helps to simplify all of that by gathering data from thousands of different sources — including Oracle, SAP and Salesforce, not to mention social networks —and then presents the information in a single custom dashboard or “Command Center” that offers a complete picture of brand and business performance in real time.

“We want to partner with a leader in the social data provider industry, and Sysomos is that leader,” says Tyler Peppel, CEO and Founder of Tickr. “Sysomos enables brands to build towards the next generation of social business intelligence, and we recognize that by working together, we can visualize the enterprise like no one else can.”

As a ‘Preferred Social Intelligence Partner,’ Sysomos will deliver not only the social data that populates the stunning Tickr user interface, but also the insights that power better decision-making at the enterprise level. To put it plainly, the real-time visualization and monitoring of social activity alongside other key performance metrics will create a comprehensive intelligence platform that we feel is unmatched in the industry.

Our CEO, Jim Delaney says, “As a powerful bridge between social data and enterprise metrics, Tickr is an ideal partner for us. Tickr is an extension of Sysomos’ data capabilities, with a customizable user interface that allows us to offer customers rich information in a compelling visual format that businesses and marketers can quickly digest.”

We’re incredibly enthusiatic about this new partnership and think that you should be as well.

If you’d like to learn more about how Sysomos and Tickr can work together to help you improve your analysis, decision making and ultimately, your business, please feel free to contact us and we’re happy to get the conversation started.

For more information about this new partnership, see the official press release here.

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