Facebook: The Mega-Advertising Machine

As Facebook moves into new areas and introduces new features, there is a strong underlying theme: the company is becoming an advertising machine.

According to Adobe’s Social Media Intelligence report, clicks on Facebook ads climbed 70% year-over-year and 48% quarter-over-quarter, while ad impressions increased 40% and 41% respectively.

facebook advertisingThe growth and impressive performance of advertising on Facebook is a long, long way from the concerns that surrounding Facebook after its much-hyped initial public offering.

At the time, many people were worried that Facebook wouldn’t be popular with advertising, particularly on mobile devices. Today, those fears have disappeared, while Facebook’s stock has soared.

Facebook’s success reflects the growing interest in social advertising as brands increasingly look to connect with consumers via social media.

“Social networks will continue to make changes to entice marketers to invest in brand pages, advertising, and overall social strategies” the Adobe report said.

“To get the most out of social media investments, marketers will need to adapt to frequent algorithm changes and should look to make more pinpointed investments into targeting and management of social media ad and post spends.”

As advertising becomes more entrenched within the social media landscape, it is important to remember the concerns about whether consumers would accept them on platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

This kept many brands on the sidelines or, at least, cautious about social advertising’s ability to meet business goals.

Today, social advertising is not only alive and well but thriving.

It would not be a surprise to see social selling gain traction as well as brands seek to encourage consumer to make purchases via social media. After all, social media is where consumers are engaged and present so why wouldn’t purchases eventually become part of their day-to-day activity.

Clearly, Facebook’s advertising machine reflects a growing trend.


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