Sysomos and Spredfast Change the Rules of Engagement

New Partnership Between Sysomos & SpredfastSysomos Heartbeat has always given users the ability to engage with Twitter and Facebook communities from within the platform. In fact, it allows our clients not only to have messages approved before they’re posted, but also to track all engagements through workflow management. We engineered Heartbeat that way precisely so people could monitor conversation, gain insights, and engage with their audience—take action on those insights—in one place.

But we also recognize that there’s more than one way to do things. The fact is, some of our clients might prefer to use Sysomos for social intelligence, but feel more comfortable using another solution for engagement. And because it’s our job to anticipate the needs of clients and incorporate them into our solutions, we’ve got some great news to share.

We’re proud to announce a partnership that ensures Heartbeat users will get all the robust features they’re used to—plus the ability to engage with audiences using the Spredfast Social Marketing Platform. Catering specifically to large enterprises, Spredfast allows users to collaborate, coordinate and track all of a social media team’s engagement on Facebook and Twitter.

So if you’re a Heartbeat user with a Spredfast account, you will soon be able to connect the two platforms so that the Spredfast Engage Button appears in the Heartbeat interface alongside posts you can engage with. Click the button, and Heartbeat will send that piece of content directly to the Spredfast Platform, where you can plan, approve and send messages when ready.

To our way of thinking, combining the best in social intelligence with the leader in enterprise-scale social engagement offers shared clients not only a solution that is potentially more powerful, but an experience that is more seamless—eliminating the need to continually jump between one platform and the other. And any time we can make our clients’ jobs easier and help them do those jobs better in the process, it’s a win-win situation.

As Darin Wolter, our EVP of Sales, says: “Sysomos and Spredfast have many clients in common, so integrating our solutions gives customers and the market the best of both worlds. Now they can glean deeper social insights, while also targeting their messages more effectively.

Stay tuned for more information about the Sysomos partnership with Spredfast in the weeks ahead.

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