Should Blog Comments Be Rewarded?

As Twitter and Facebook have become more popular as ways to share and react to content, the blog comment has lost a lot of its mojo.

Sure, there are some blog post that generate a lot of comments but the enthusiasm for comments is nowhere close to what it was like five or six years ago when blogs were shiny and new.

blog commentIt would be interesting to quantify the number of blog posts that attract comments, but I would guess that most posts don’t get any comments.

It’s not that the content is bad or doesn’t deserve a reaction; it’s just easier to do something on Twitter or Facebook. That’s just the reality of social engagement these days.

Let’s take the position, however, that blog comments are a good thing to drive conversation and the exchange ideas.

Using this as our thesis, what about the idea of rewarding blogs for attracting comments, and people for leaving comments.

What if Google and other search engines embraced the blog comment as a front and centre SEO pillar?

In theory, it would encourage more people to leave comments on blogs, and be a great way to motivate bloggers to keep writing posts.

Of course, there would have to be some way to stop the spammers and link-builders from abusing this approach to comments.

It would likely require some kind of effective link and comment analysis to make everything work, but you figure Google has enough technology to make it happen.

For some people, this idea may be far-fetched, illogical or unnecessary. After all, updates on Twitter and Facebook may be enough boost for blogs because they help to attract a bigger audience.

But there is something romantic about blog comments. They require someone to make an investment in reading a post, and then crafting a comment.

In a world world where people are time-strapped, comments required effort, thought and intent. It’s why they have so much value for bloggers.

What do you think? Should there be some way to reward blog comments?

More: Here’s Google’s Matt Cutts on comments made on forums and blogs.

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