The Hunt for New Social Networks

weheartit-e1372454903105As every brand knows, social media is a daunting endeavour that takes time, money and, ultimately, bandwidth and resources.

The complexity for digital marketing and communications teams is actually much bigger than than many believe.

While everyone focuses on the top dogs – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and a few select others – there are other networks that need to be examined and, potentially, added to a brand’s digital strategy.

One of the keys for success is discovering networks (some of which have been previously discussed in this blog) so they can be leveraged to connect and engage with your audience.

To survive, brands have to adopt a hunt and gather approach that plays into where their target audience like to spend their time.

Here are some networks to investigate and see if they are a place where you can digitally communicate with your potential audience:


Everyone loves a good selfie. Well Shot is a social network where you can take and share all the selfies you want. Other messaging functions are available as well.

We Heart It

Think of We Heart It as the younger and more colourful version of Pinterest as it has many of the same capabilities. The idea is you “heart” things you like.


Medium is one of the coolest and most unheralded networks that has come to market in the last few years. A free market of stories and ideas and to date has been an unturned stone in the world of social media for brands.


Actually, maybe it’s best we don’t go there.

Oh, and don’t forget there’s also Whisper, Secret and a slew of others.

The web is full of so many great and useful networks. It’s time that brands branched out and see out what works best for them and their audiences.

Happy hunting!

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