What Social Media Network Is Near The Tipping Point?

tipping-point-pictureFacebook, Instagram and Twitter are social media royalty when it comes to users, activity, engagement and where advertising dollars are spent. There’s no denying their supremacy.

In the last little, we have seen Snapchat enter the market and make a fairly substantial dent. Others social networks have also gotten some attention, which suggests people are open to joining new networks if they are compelling.

This show there is still room in the digital sandbox, so it wouldn’t be shocking to see a few more players enter the ring and rise to become serious competition.

Here’s a few social networks to keep an eye on for 2015. They are already in the market and have some traction but haven’t reached the next level just yet. They are at the tipping point of popularity.:


Shots has been on the rise and is perfect for our selfie addicted world. It’s a mobile network that lets you to take and share selfies along with commenting and private messaging. There is speculation that Twitter may be interested in buying it. Shots’ success hinges on the selfie phenomenon remaining strong, so it should grow in popularity in the near future.


Whisper is popular and has been on the rise for some time. It’s an anonymous social network where users can share their “secrets”. Whisper perfectly plays on the voyeuristic aspect of social media, while giving users an outlet to talk about anything they want under the veil of secrecy. It wouldn’t be shocking to see Whisper take the next step in 2015.


Medium is a popular social network which has successfully built a community of writers and readers. While it’s credibility and usage is solid, it still needs to become the hub for articles and stories (see Wattpad and what it’s done with serialized stories).


Ello might be the quickest to reach it’s tipping point, mainly because it’s advertiser free platform that has been the talk of the town for months now. It’s still in public beta but the anti-Facebook might hit very impressive numbers once it goes live to the world. It’s starting point is already quite advanced.

What social networks do you think are on the precipice for 2015?

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