All of Social Media is Talking about…a Podcast?

Serial-2Every now and then there’s a piece of rich content that grabs hold of users’ imagination and doesn’t let go. The results are always fun to watch.

Serial Podcast has gotten the attention of listeners, Hollywood and even social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Reddit.

If you haven’t heard of Serial, well you need to read this post then immediately go to and give it a listen. Produced by the team behind “This American Life”, it’s an innovative and engrossing digital exercise that proves the value of great content.

Serial unfolds the 1999 non-fiction murder case week by week of Baltimore student, Hae Min Lee, including the investigation and the eventual arrest and conviction of her boyfriend Adnan Syed.

The subreddits dedicated to Serial are incredibly impressive, as is the amount of Facebook groups and Twitter accounts dedicated to exploring the mystery of who killed Hae Min Lee.

It’s a phenomenon that has social media not just talking but jumping into action. Some passionate users have gone to the crime scenes, took photos and posted them on several networks.

It has even started the idea of crowd murder games which utilize social media to solve real-life murder mysteries. How many podcasts or videos can claim this kind of engagement over the last few years?

It’s completely taken over the lives of some people, and it could not have done this without the power of social media. Social media has a history of taking something well crafted and blowing it up to be consumed by the digital masses.

It’s been hard for even Hollywood to overlook Serial’s social popularity. It’s been reported that several offers have been made for the rights to the podcast but the producers have resisted the urge.

Serial might turn out to  be one of the most active and engaging social media examples of the year. It’s definitely not a flash in the pan and further proof that users crave great content.

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