Set Up The Ultimate Content Plan Using Social Intelligence

When you’re responsible for shaping and executing your company’s content plan for social media, it’s easy to get distracted. As corporate content marketers, we’re constantly asked to “throw things up on the blog” or “post that image to Twitter and generate some leads”. Therefore, content plans can be cluttered and lack theme and direction.

But, let’s not throw our hands in the air, content marketers! There’s light at the end of the tunnel (and it’s not a train, promise)!

To help guide us in our content planning, let’s go back to basics and architect a calendar/strategy that aligns with organizational goals powered by social intelligence.

Go back to the corporate elevator pitch

The vast majority of messaging that goes out on corporate social channels need to be ‘on brand’ and ‘on message’. But constitutes ‘on brand’?

Consult your company’s high level marketing messages and goals. It it’s been so long that you can’t remember what these are, then remind yourself by asking. If the corporate goals are stale and out-dated, then rattle the CMO’s office for actionable messaging.

Within the Syosmos content team, we’re lucky that we have a transparent CEO and executive team that takes it upon themselves to make sure we have a corporate roadmap in place that enables us to develop marketing messaging (for all digital marketing channels, including social). If you don’t have this in your organization, speak up! Remember, the squeaky wheel gets the grease!

Use text analytics

When looking for new keywords to play off of in corporate social messaging, look at your analytics tools and specifically the text analytics capabilities. Within your analytics tool, check out word clouds and my favorite, Buzz Graphs.  If you don’t have a BuzzGraph, then you need Sysomos.  🙂


Elevator Buzzgraph

BuzzGraphs are my favorite because it shows correlations between two or more terms on social media and shows what words are being used in conjunction with your specified terms.

So, let’s say you work for an elevator company. You might find that people like to complain about waiting in line for elevators, that Brits refer it to the lift and so on. In this case, craft some funny social messages/images around waiting in line.

Get funky and think outside the box!

Find your balance and enforce it

Because social media touches all facets of the business from marketing, customer service, support and more, it’s important to find a balance with your messaging.

As a content manager, decide how many posts on each channel are appropriate for your business. Then devise a formula to guide your content calendars.

For example, some companies employ this type of mix: 50% outbound marketing, 20% helpful tips, 20% curated content, 10% re-tweeting clients. With this type of formula, you’ll know exactly how many messages you have each week to devote to each category. Writing your outbound messages become easier when you have these mixes in mind.

Let us help you master content planning by showing you what social intelligence is all about. Contact us today for a demo!

What tips do you have for your fellow content marketers?  Let’s discuss below!


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